Live user testing for
your chat bot.

Watch real users chat with your bot and receive a detailed feedback report about their experience.

We Find You Testers

Bot Feedback lets developers improve their chat applications by observing how consumers interact with their bots under real-world conditions.

Real Users

We recruit real humans to test drive your bot so your application gets live action.

Recorded Sessions

Your testers will record their interaction with your bot so you can see the play-by-play.

Detailed Feedback

Each tester completes a detailed written report with ideas for improving your bot.

You Choose The Platform

We can test your application through a number of different platforms. We currently support Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Telegram, iOS Messenger and WeChat.

We Send You the Results

Each tester creates a screen recording during their test session so you can watch each conversation step by step and replay the user experience.

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